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Air Quality in our Homes and the benefits of carpet cleaning.

ITV TV show Richard & Judy reports on Air Quality in our Homes and the importance that carpet has to stop airborne pollutants.
If you’ve ever wondered how often to clean your carpets this video will explain all and shows the importance of maintaining and keeping your carpets regular cleaned.

Carpet is the flooring of choice in the United Kingdom, accounting for well over half of all floor covering purchases. The reasons for its popularity are practical as well as decorative.

Perhaps more significant is the fact that the (EPA) scientists have concluded that carpet can be beneficial in trapping and immobilizing potential allergy-causing particulates, preventing them from re-entering the air stream, if the carpet is properly cleaned and maintained. A 1990 study in Sweden determined that levels of particulate contaminants, bacteria, and fungi in indoor air in carpeted areas were always far below levels in the air above hard surface floors.

Carpets that are Cleaned regularly can not only improve the overall appearance of your home but also prolong the life span of the carpets as well as improving the air quality in the home.

Our Carpet Cleaning System & Solutions.

* Patented Van Mounted Machinery.
* Certified, Insured Operators
* Safe Quiet System
* Non-toxic
* No Sticky Residue
* Non-resoiling.
* Bio degradable.
* Enzyme-free.
* Bacteria-free.
* Odourless.
* Solvent-free.
* Safe for children and pets.
* We Take Away all Waste Water
* We Supply Our Own Pre-heated Water
* Environment Friendly Chemicals
* Recommended by over 50 Leading Carpet Manufactures

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